The Support Group’s Response

The Library Support Group’s 37-page response to Shropshire Council’s “consultation” document was e-mailed and safely received by Kate Garner and Coun. Steve Charmley at Shirehall on Saturday 14th March. The document, which highlights the flaws in the Council’s presentation and unpicks the arguments in favour of the relocation, also puts forward alternative viable options which we hope Shropshire Council will allow the Support Group time to pursue before making their decision, in line with the Council’s expressed desire to examine all alternative options.

The Library Support Group’s response can be read here:

Library Consultation Response March 2015 version 1

Shropshire Council’s response to our document is here:

1E Appendix 5 SC reponse to CSLSG response to consultation document[1]


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One response to “The Support Group’s Response

  1. Catherine Wellings

    Thank you for all your hard work and for keeping the campaign going


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