The Next Step?

We are now approaching the point where, having exhausted all other options, we will need to consider whether to go down the path of legal action and apply for a Judicial Review. This would be a very large step for a community group such as ours to take. Other such groups throughout the country in similar positions have taken this route, some successfully, some not. It would take a lot of commitment from library supporters, not to mention a lot of fund-raising. It is not a step which the Support Group would wish to take without gauging the opinions of the wider community. To this end, the Support Group have organised a Public Meeting for 6.00 p.m. on Thursday 30th April at the United Reformed Church Hall. See the “Events” page for details.

The purpose of the meeting will be to explain the Judicial Review procedure and what it will mean to our library supporters in terms of commitment and finance.  Please try and attend if you can, or alternatively let us know your views through the “Comments”.


The fight goes on…



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2 responses to “The Next Step?

  1. franmhay

    This is a splendid idea ! Thank you for organising this meeting.
    Many people I have talked to , are extremely upset by the Council’s decision. They feel it is very unjust. Unfortunately they do not realise the campaign is continuing. We need posters around the town asap so these people who are not on the e-mail system will realise the fight goes on —-


  2. I can’t be at the meeting – sorry! But I’d like to register my support for taking this decision to judicial review. Well done keeping the process going- the library in church stretton is such an important resource for us all.

    Janet Newman


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