Library Support Group Constitution


If the meeting on Thursday votes to pursue the route of a Judicial Review of the Council’s decision to relocate the library, it may well be necessary and beneficial to our cause to place the Group’s standing on a more formal basis. In addition, it would certainly be necessary if we were eventually given the opportunity to take over the Library as a Community Group.

To this end, one of the matters to be discussed on Thursday will be the adoption of a Constitution for the Group. Attached is an initial draft constitution for discussion on Thursday. This is merely a suggested framework and any additions/amendments etc. can be proposed at the meeting.

Please read it through and bring any thoughts with you to the meeting.




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2 responses to “Library Support Group Constitution

  1. Sheila Pickering

    Has an appeal been made to the Local Government Ombudsman? Have just had a quick Google and discovered that there is one – worth trying before committing to expensive legal action.


    • librarysaver

      Thanks for your comment, Sheila. The Support Group have investigated this option and have been advised by a solicitor that the Ombudsman could not save the Library. He could only award financial compensation against Shropshire Council for bad administration and it would take about 2 years even to get to that point.


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