Shropshire Council Announce “Advisory” Group


As their next step in the proposal to close the town centre library and relocate it to the school on the outskirts of town, Shropshire Council have produced a document announcing:

“The creation of an advisory group of users from the public and school libraries and supporting officers to play an active part in the final design of the new shared space, and from this, a working group, made up of library users, community representatives and council and school reps to address the issues that have been raised around the impact of relocation on some library users.”

The document goes on to give details of how members of the public can become “involved” in this process.

The Church Stretton Library Support Group Steering Committee takes the view that since the “involvement” of the 82% of consultation respondents who were against the transfer of the library were totally ignored by Shropshire Council, it is uncertain to what extent the views of  library users would be considered on either the advisory or working groups.

The Steering Committee also feels that such matters as the design of the building and “addressing the issues which have been raised around the impact of the relocation” are issues that should have been dealt with and put before the public before the decision was taken to move the town centre library.

Whilst individual Support Group members are of course free to make their own decision, the Steering Committee will not therefore be involving itself with the proposed advisory group, since this would be seen as giving tacit approval to a decision against which the Support Group has been fighting for so many months.



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One response to “Shropshire Council Announce “Advisory” Group

  1. james atkinson

    Having contacted the council previously to express my views, I was invited by Kate Garner to share ideas about the ‘redesign’ with the advisory group. I replied with reasons why the ‘advisory’ group was as unwelcome as the council’s ‘decision’ and received a reply from Kate (first name terms already) thanking me and saying that my points had been noted. Don’t hold your breath though.


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