“Letter Of Claim” Sent To Shirehall


Following the unanimous vote in favour of legal action at the packed-out public meeting on 30th April, the solicitor acting for the Church Stretton Library Support Group has now despatched a “Letter of Claim” to Shirehall.

The letter states the Support Group’s belief that there were faults in the process by which Shropshire Council reached their decision to close the town centre library and relocate it to the school on the outskirts of town and confirms the Group’s intention to initiate Judicial Review proceedings over the decision.

The Group’s application for Legal Aid is also underway.

All the energies of the Steering Group over the last few weeks have been directed towards preparing the documentary evidence which will be submitted to the Judicial Review and liaising with the Group’s solicitor to ensure that everything is in place, preparatory to the Support Group’s submission.

It should be appreciated that gathering together all the relevant e-mails, letters, documents and legal precedents, placing them in order, paginating and indexing them is a slow and laborious process, but it is vital that our evidence is of an acceptable standard to the legal profession, in style as well as substance.

The legal route is not one we have chosen lightly, having been forced into it by the intransigence of Shropshire Council, but the campaign continues to be buoyed up by the overwhelming support of the local community.


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