Judicial Review – It Looks Like April

At last some news on a date for the hearing of the Library Support Group’s Judicial Review of Shropshire Council’s decision to relocate the town centre library to the Academy on the outskirts of town.

Nicholas Bowen Q.C., the barrister acting for CSLSG in the case, has been contacted by the Administration Court in Birmingham to say that they are seeking to list the case for a 2-and-a-half days hearing in the week commencing 4th April 2016.

The wheels of the law do turn exceedingly slowly, but whilst it is true that this would mean the case coming to court over a year since we launched the legal proceedings, the “cease and desist” restrictions placed on Shropshire Council at the earlier hearing mean that the library will stay in its present town centre location until the outcome of the Judicial Review at the very least (and hopefully beyond!)

When you consider that under Shropshire Council’s original plan, the library was meant to have moved to the Academy 3 months ago, we can all take a little pride in the fact that our efforts have “Kept It Where It Is” until at least April of next year.

When you also consider that it was only just over a year ago that the townspeople first learned of the plan to relocate the library, we can take even more pride in what we have achieved so far.

Once again, on behalf of the Steering Committee, many thanks to all those whose support has kept this campaign going to bring us to the position we are now in – with a Judicial Review in the offing and a very real chance that we can keep the library in its town centre home.


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