Community Consultation – 84% say “Keep The Library Where It Is”

Church Stretton residents have given their support to keeping the library where it is and paying extra to keep it there

At a meeting of Church Stretton Town Council on 13th September, Mayor Mike Walker read out the results of the Council’s “Community Consultation on ‘at risk’ Services”

The Consultation Document was delivered to every household in the town in a bid to establish whether local parishioners were willing to pay an increased Council Tax in order to retain two “at risk” services:  the Library and the Leisure Centre/Swimming Pool.

In respect of the Library, this produced an 84% response in support of keeping the library where it is and a 7% response for moving it to the school.

80% of those who responded to the survey voted to increase the precept to keep the library where it is.

Among the comments submitted with the responses were:

“Very important to keep the Library where it is for easy access, especially young and elderly”

“The Library is a truly public facility in its current location”

“It is essential to keep the Library in its present building to ensure its continued use. It is a central point for information and well-used.”

“The Library is a HUB for al ages…(and) is at the heart of every town. Keep it where it is”

It is extremely encouraging to know that even after almost 2 years of hard campaigning since the move to the school was first mooted, the determination of the townsfolk to keep the Library at the heart of the community is as strong as ever.


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