Church Stretton Library: a public meeting to discuss the next steps in the campaign to keep the library where it is

6.00 p.m. at the URC hall on the 30th April.

On 27th March a lone Shropshire councillor, Councillor Charmley, sat in private session with the press and public excluded and decided that our library must move to the school.   The campaign group is determined to do everything it possibly can to reverse this decision and win acceptance of its own alternatives to run the library as a community enterprise and keep it “where it is”.

The campaign is far from over and is progressing with more energy and enthusiasm than ever.

Legal Challenge

Subject to legal advice and to the views of the people that really matter (local residents and library users) the Support Group wish to initiate a legal challenge to the Shropshire Council decision to relocate our library.The Group will hold a public meeting on Thursday 30th April in the URC hall in Church Stretton to present this plan and explore fund raising options.

The legal challenge process is primarily concerned with the way the Council made the decision.   Did the Council fully take into account the massive opposition to relocation, did it fully take into account the needs of older residents and those with mobility problems, and did it give careful consideration to our alternatives to relocation.   We think the answer to all these questions is a resounding “NO”.

Church Stretton Library Support Group

NB please do not park in the URC car park on the evening of the 30th April. It is needed for the Choral Society members.


Thursday 5th March

“Drop-In” Session at Silvester Horne Institute 2.00 – 6.00 p.m.

A display of alternative options for the Library’s future, proposed by the Support Group and other residents, which would keep the Library in its’ present location. Drop in any time during the afternoon to view and examine the various options. Refreshments available.



4th February Public Meeting at the Silvester Horne Institute.


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